Thu. Mar 5th, 2020


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5 Best Hair Growth Supplement That’s Safe and Effective for both Men and Women

According to resent statistics 35 million men and 21 million are suffering with hair loss in the U.S. alone, with over 810,000 of them getting professional treatment.

The average number of hair follicles on the scalp is 110,000 and it’s very natural for a person to lose 50 to 100 hairs a day during the body’s renewal process. If you see bald patches or experience excessive thinning, you may be suffering from hair loss.

Hair loss or commonly referred to as baldness is technically known as alopecia, which is considered a loss of hair from the head or body. Some types of baldness can be caused by an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata.

Extreme forms of alopecia areata are alopecia totalis, which involves the loss of all head hair, and alopecia universalis, which involves the loss of all hair from the head and the body.

For many of us who suffer with severe signs of hair loss, there can be numerous underlying causes; like medication, chemotherapy, exposure to radiation and other harmful chemicals. It can also be caused by a fungal infection, trauma from injury or damage from compulsive pulling and that’s not to mention nutritional deficiencies and hormonal factors like thyroid disease, skin disease or even stress.

Losing some hair is normal, when you take shower, brush it and other everyday activities. It’s very natural. However, if your hair is falling out in large amounts, is thinning significantly and you are seeing bald patches then you know it’s a symptom of a much bigger problem. More often than not, It’s a dietary deficiency, which is easily treated.

Hair loss will often result as a reaction to the way in which stress affects the balance in your body. When stress begins to affect your body, your hormonal balance is upset. There may be an excess production of hormones, which may go into the scalp area causing your hair to literally fall out.

Usually, this type hair loss won’t be noticeable right away, but after a couple of months you will begin to experience its affects. You will begin to notice more hair falling out than usual, thinning, lack of luster and in extreme cased bald spots. For men it often results in a receding hairline.

To manage stress, you can use a variety of techniques. Yoga or meditation techniques to help you let go of daily problems. Massage therapy relax your body. You can also work on changing dietary habits and exercising regularly. If the problems are more external or related to a life-changing situation, there are professionals like your doctor, a therapist or a certified life coach that can help you work through your problem.

The effects of hair loss due to stress triggers will often reverse quickly once you learn how to control your stress and ease the pressures that cause are causing it. More often than not, when you eliminate stress from your life, the hormonal balance in your body will be restored and you will notice an improvement in your hair.

Take comfort that this type of hair loss is usually not permanent and your hair should begin to grow back after your stress levels are reduced. If it doesn’t be sure to consult your health care professional immediately to get a proper diagnosis, because there could be underlying health problems that you aren’t aware of. Don’t try to diagnose yourself. It’s important to get help and support quickly so that you can stay healthy. Your hair will thank you by growing strong and looking good!

It’s important to identify the underlying causes of your hair loss so that you can treat it effectively. When it comes to the nutrients, your body needs to grow healthy hair.

Below are the 5 of the best hair growth supplements that are safe and effective for both men and women. We've only picked the highest rated supplements that will surely give you LONGER, STRONGER & HEALTHIER HAIR.



FoliGROWTH Ultimate Hair Nutraceutical – Get Thicker Hair, Reverse Diffuse Thinning Guaranteed - Gluten Free, Vegetarian, 3rd Party Tested - High Potency Biotin, Hair Loss Supplement, Hair and Nails

"I have been using Foligrowth and the DHT Blocker in conjunction with a Minoxidil 5% solution. AFTER ONLY 1 MONTH'S USE I HAVE NEW HAIR GROWTH IN PLACES I THOUGHT WOULD BE PERMANENTLY BALD. I have purchased another round of the products, and will post agin in another 30 days."


DrFormulas HairOmega 3-in-1 Hair Growth Vitamins with DHT Blocker, Biotin for Women & Men | Hair Skin and Nails Supplement for Hair Loss, 120 Pills

"I’ve been taking this supplement for almost 4 months and it has made a noticeable difference to my hair. The first picture was before I took it. The second one is month 2 and the last picture is the most recent. With the way my hair was I had no waves in my hair but I’m glad they’re back now since I’ve been using Hair Omega. Great product."


Biotin 10000mcg with Coconut Oil for Hair Growth, Natural Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins - High Potency Biotin, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, 60 Veggie Softgels

"So I have fairly thick hair. I typically notice quite a bit of fallout, like enough to build a wig! But since taking this Biotin I have noticed that the fallout has decreased and that my hair grew out faster. I dyed it right before I started taking this and have already noticed my roots have grown out. Another thing I noticed was that my face, which typically has a strong red tint to it, looks about 60% less red. I would definitely recommend this product."


Ultrax Labs Hair Rush | Maxx Hair Growth & Anti Hair Loss Nutrient Solubilized Keratin Vitamin Supplement, 60 tablets

"I used to be miserable to see losing my hair 50-100 counts daily.(I actually counted) Now, I only see 10-20 hair loss daily and bunch of baby hair growing all over my head. I never expected this to happen to me!"


HairFlair - Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin for Longer, Stronger, Healthier Hair - Hair, Skin and Nails Supplement - for All Hair Types - Premium Formula with Keratin, Collagen, Bamboo, Aloe & More!

"I started hair growth supplements after a "trim" that went way too far. I didn't have a lot of confidence that such a product would work, but I was wrong! Not only is my hair growing, it's healthier, has more shine, and I'm not developing split ends so quickly. My nails are also growing, a nice side effect I wasn't expecting. And it's also packed with lots of other vitamins a body needs. I had previously tried a similar product, which also worked, but for $10 more per bottle. Additionally, it's vegan, non-GMO, and free of gluten, soy, nuts, sugar, and preservatives."