Thu. Mar 5th, 2020


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5 Easy Steps To Do A Perfect Heatless Beach Waves (You Don’t Have To Wait Overnight)

Ready to become an expert in doing a heatless beach waves hairstyle? Here are some tips and tricks to getting that perfect heatless beach waves you’ve been coveting all year long even if it’s not summer—oh yeah, IKR! The best part is you don’t have to wait overnight for the curls to set! Read on…


Expert Step 1

If your hair is 100% dry, spray water (for hair that’s naturally super straight, use a sea-salt spray) on your hair to make it slightly damped. If you just showered, blow dry or air dry your hair at 80%. Your curls won’t hold that long if your hair is not damped.


Expert Step 2

Start off by sectioning your hair randomly. If you want bigger curls then do just at least 4 sections. If you want finer, ultimate beach waves, then do 10-15 sections tying each with elastic bands to secure it.


Expert Step 3

Apply a curling mousse or a styling/defining cream on each section, starting semi-close to the roots down to the tips. Just don’t overdo it.


Expert Step 4

Since we’re not waiting for your hair to curl overnight, you have braid each section then twirl it up in place. After you’ve done that, tie it with elastic bands— now you have a ‘braided bantu knots’ or ‘braided mini buns’!


Note: For the elastic bands, we recommend the ones that are stretchy, soft and comfortable hair elastics with no metal as they are gentle on strands.


Expert Step 5

Wait for at least 30 minutes before untying it. If you’ve got more time— the longer, the better!