Fri. Jan 17th, 2020


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Ultimate Tricks to Perfect Those Curls in 10 Minutes or Less!

Expert Tip #1

Keep in mind

Small-barreled Iron = Tighter Curls
Large-barreled Iron = Looser Curls or Waves
Fine Hair = Slim Barrel
Thick Hair = Chunky Barrel

Expert Tip #2

Do a high ponytail before curling your hair to achieve a quick, effortless waves!

Expert Tip #3

Did you know that the closer to the root you start the curl, it will last longer? That’s right!

Holding the Iron Horizontally = Tighter, Bouncier Curls
Holding the Iron Vertically = More Trendy, Beachy Wave
Holding it Diagonally = More Volume at the Root

Achieve Those Perfect Curls with the Following Instructions:

1. If you just got out from the shower, blow dry or air dry it – 100%! Curling your hair when it’s just even slightly damp, could potentially damage your strands!

2. Apply a good quality heat protector to prevent breakage!

3. When your hair is completely dry, do a high ponytail before curling your hair to achieve a quick, effortless waves.

4. Heat up your wand to a temperature that’s sutable for your hairtype.

Higher Temp = Thicker Hair
Lower Temp = Finer Hair

5. If you’re a newbie, don’t forget to wear the gloves that came with your curling iron.

6. Twirl your hair by sections around the barrel, taking a section that’s closer to your root, then wind it to the tip. Hold for 2 or 3 seconds and release.

7. For a more lived-in curl or wave, leave 1-2″ of the ends of your hair out, yep, don’t include curling it.

8. Make sure the heat has cooled down from your hair before removing the high ponytail.

9. Gently pick up the curls by the ends of the strands and loosely shaking them for a soft, natural look!

10. Finish off with shine spray and curl construct mousse.